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    post 2 of three (??) more expanding on the stuff up there after the break yo

    i’d like to start by saying that first of all, it’s perfectly fine to be upset (and by this i mean sad) by jon leaving

    anybody telling you that it isn’t okay for you to feel bad about him leaving because you didn’t know him personally or you just can’t handle change or frickin anything like that, they’re being raging douchebags because i know i sure as heckle cried it all out for a while when i found out initially
    and yknow, even if it doesn’t affect you to the point fo crying, it’s still okay for you to be not overjoyed by it

    but that’s not to say that the opposite isn’t the same- it’s ALSO perfectly okay for you to like that he’s leaving (although personally i’m at the completely opposite end of the spectrum, i betcha you’ve got totally valid reasons, and that’s cool!!) as long as you respect people who believe otherwise!! 

    now onto the second pinnacle of the heated mess that is everything right now- reasoning behind everything and theories!! personally, i’m clinging to the hope that it’s only a hiatus as some people have told me and jon will return, with steam train still going on because i quite fancy the idea that they planned to have it as a special thing for 1 million subs- i highly doubt that they would spring danny onto BOTh new shows at the same time, so let’s hope for the best, eh? 

    as for why jon left, i think the bulk of the reasons would be to, yes, take a break from game grumps to work and flourish in something that was his original passion in the first place, as well as, again yes, to be closer to his girlfriend in NY. if the stuff i’m believing in right now holds true, he’ll be back for future episodes for sure!! i don’t think it’s gonna be as retarded or backwards as the fact that arin is 100% a cold uncaring business guy who ultimately values business over friendship- he’s not that much of a dick, okay?? have a little faith, yall!!!

    which brings me to the third thing, the little *starred* bit at the end. as i mentioned previously, i think steam train was supposed to be a special for 1 million subscribers, since episodes were (apparently) recorded months prior and i really don’t think that they would opt to do something like this literally hours after announcing jon’s departure. in fact, i think that the release of the new thing was planned but not planned to coincide with “ode to jon”. arin may be business minded (there’s a reason those theories popped up in the first place) as he’s admitted before (apparently) but he’s not that big of an asshole like i said

    and he might not have intended for it to be a (what feels to be cheap) bandaid for the bullet hole that is jon leaving, but maybe we should start treating it as such because until jon releases productive results of his departure, we’re probably not going to get any more medical care for our wounds

    i don’t know if i’m making any sense to yall, but i’m tryin my best haha

    i was thinking about writing out a speech and recording myself speaking [passionately] about it but ehhh i can’t be bothered right now because i communicate better via the written word (because i can go back and delete any arguments that turn out to be stupid) so

    yeah!! it’s all up in the air for discussion since arin and jon and everyone are being quiet about it considering the tsunami of sh@!storm that’s taken place, but we shall see how things go

    and hey, if you’re reading this, congratulations nicole!! i’m so happy for you two <3 take care!! (◠‿◠✿) 

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